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"One last quick note to thank both yourself and Kim for doing an excellent job on my resume and cover letters...I sent out my resume this past Friday and I've already gotten 3 calls and 1 interview lined up. Even though it's "my past," it was your groups' expertise in putting it together on paper for me and I am grateful." -- K.G., Sales Director

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"Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen!" -- M.D., Manager

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
"I would like to extend my gratitude for all the time and effort you and Karen spent on my resume. I told Karen that the resume looks incredible and different from my original draft. More power to you and your colleagues. Again, thank you..." -- R.R., Management Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies." -- J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

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Advanced Career Systems is proud to help job seekers achieve success. Here are more client reviews...

I haven't spoken to you in a while, but I wanted you to amongst the first to know that I got the job I wanted!!!! I will be a Customer Brand Planning Manager for <company name snip> starting around the 24th of this month. The resume you wrote helped to open many doors the past month or so, as I had interviews with 4 companies within two weeks and 2nd interviews with 3 of them. <Company name snip> was the one I truly wanted however and I have you to thank for composing such a beautiful resume. Thanks again for all your hard work. You made me look like an All-Star. Take care,

J.W., Brand Planning Manager, Connecticut

Hi everyone,

I would like to express a "Thank You" to all who wished me "Good Luck" in finding a new job after my layoff.

To Kim Isaacs, Jodie Thompson, and the other staff members at Advanced Career Systems in Doylestown, PA, thank you for doing an excellent job in creating my new resume. I will be sending you a testimonial today.

And lastly, after my third interview on Monday, I accepted a Sales and Marketing position at <snip>. I start next Monday, February 9th. Thanks again. Sincerely,

L.S., Sales & Marketing Professional, Pennsylvania

My first impression, as well as the impression of others, was "wow"! My
resume made me impressed with myself. You may be hearing from the following referrals I sent your way <names snipped>. Thanks for the outstanding job on my resume.

G.M., Healthcare Director, Colorado

The cover letter looks fantastic. With these tools, I think I will hire myself! Thanks for the help.

A.A., Sales Manager, Florida

I just thought that I would let you know that I got my first call for an interview today. It amazes me how quickly people respond once I send them the resumes you do for me.

C.T., Behavioral Health Paraprofessional, New Jersey

Just an update for you on how fantastic your work is. The very first position I applied for I recieved an offer. This position is a division manager for a <snip> in Florida. You guys did a fantastic job. Again, I can not tell you enough that your whole team should be congratulated on a job very well done! Thanks so much.

D.T., Division Manager, Florida

I’ve been a kid all day waiting for this email! Looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! WOW, WOW, and WOW….thanks for the extra effort it real comes through in your thoughts throughout! WOW (actually my plain speaking is “holy $%!^t”). Respectfully,

J.G., Company President, Georgia

I am very impressed with the rough draft of my resume. You have managed to paint an exceptionally fine portrait of my experience and qualifications. I believe it will be extremely effective in generating interviews. Thank you for your outstanding effort to make my resume the best that it can be.

J.A., Network Administrator, Virginia

First of all, I received the package and I really want to thank you and Kim and everybody that was involved in the writing of my resume. The interview responses are excellent almost 100%. For every interview I went, I was congratulated for an excellent resume and cover letter.

The best and most important news is that I have been offered a great job, which gives me a title promotion and $30,000 increase of what I'm making right now at my present job.

Again thank you and your team very very much for a great job. If I ever need my resume to be upgraded I will definitely and without any hesitation call on your winning team again, and I will definitely recommend anybody that needs a resume to get in touch with you. Sincerely,

A.A., Production Manager, New Jersey

Thanks so much, Karen -- WOW, the resume came out great! I am extremely impressed. You did a great job distilling all the technical details down to accessible and well-targeted points. The layout is great, too - I love it! You really nailed it - I'll definately pass your name along to anyone I know who is thinking of hiring a professional resume service.

Thanks so much -- again, outstanding work. I really feel like I'll be putting my best foot forward with this resume.

B.R., Software Engineer, Virginia

You said WOW about my career, I say WOW WOW about my new resume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know why people go to the professionals like you and Jodie. I am very pleased with the product. Many thanks ladies.

B.C., Senior Director of Security, California

I reviewed the revised cover letter to include the contact with the board member and I think your edits are excellent! Thanks for the quick response and I will let you know how everything progresses. I did want you to know that I think the cover letters and resume that you prepared are excellent and I expect to receive a very favorable response as I begin sending them out. Once again thank you! Regards,

R.M., President & CEO, California

Dear Kim,

I'm extremely gratified for the time and effort you took to critique my resume. I maybe gifted and highly skilled as a middle to senior manager, but I admit, resume writing is an art to itself. Your input has generated a new fresh look and hopefully it will open some doors in my efforts. I will be sure to refer others to your service who may find themselves frustrated from a lack of employer responses as I have.

G.B., Manager, California

Wow! You are *GOOD*!! I guess I did do some stuff I didn't realize that could look good. Okay! Your remake of this resume gave me the boost I need to redesign my Web page. I need to make it so that it stands up to the expectations people will have once they read about my Web site.

T.C., Graphic Designer/Cartoonist, Texas

Wow! You are so efficient. I had my husband looked the resume, and he is also amazed how you turn my experiences into words. You have done a wonderful job, and everything looks great. Thank you very much for your help.

K.L., Senior Financial Analyst, California

I did get the job -- thank you very much for helping me put together my resume. It really turned out terrific. I referred one of my friends to you - <name snip>, but I'm not sure if she has moved forward yet w/ her resume.

C.N., Analyst Liaison, Massachusetts

I Love You!!! Just kidding, thanks. I appreciate you folks hanging in there with me. Anyway, your work is top notch.

M.H., Manager, Pennsylvania

WOW! Is the best way I can describe the end - result. It was truly exciting reading about me, my history, experience, etc. in the outstanding way you worded it. You are truly gifted! I could not be happier with the end – result. Thank you!

I can’t wait to get started now! With my new resume I feel sooooooooo confident. You took what I felt was not so great and made it truly exceptional. I feel so blessed to have had you & Jodie as my guardian angles throughout this process. You two have really restored my confidence. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be grateful to you both...From my heart & forever grateful,

P.G., Publisher, Texas

Kim, a few colleagues have reviewed the resume and love it! I expect you will get additional business too. The reaction I've been receiving on the resume content and format are incredible! I'm convinced my resume gets me in the door ahead of others. I will wrap up the references list this weekend. I've gotten confirmation from nearly everyone. Even my references wanted to know who did my resume. :-)

D.D., Director of Marketing, Arizona

You have done an excellent job at revamping my resume and highlighting my career history. I read it and it's my history and I'm My father thinks it's excellent as well. High praise as I believe he was a little skeptical initially because he had basically developed my original about 2 years ago. I am ready to have you proceed with the targeted email campaign to the recruiters. Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job for me. I would and will recommend your company (although it doesn't sound like your lacking for work). Hope to hear from you soon.

K.J., Sales/Marketing Representative, North Carolina

Anyway I have read the second draft and I really love it. Thanks so much. My dear Kimberly, looks like this is it, I really do not know what is our next step here, maybe we do not have any after this. Allow me to say that it was my pleasure to make business with somebody so professional, if by a chance you step by Monterrey some time in the future, please try to give me a call, it will be an honor to me to show you the city.

M.S., Director, Product Support, Mexico

Thank you very much for your feedback and reorganization. Your rework of the introduction and overall reorganization is great. I will contact you early next week to order your web distribution package. It's been great doing business with you. Thanks so much for all your effort and hard work.

A.S., Team Lead / Software Developer, Maryland

I'm convinced you will do a great job on this. I also enjoyed our talk this morning. I can tell you are very good at what you do. It was interesting to recall all of my accomplishments/experiences. I never really took the time to break it down and really think about it all. You really asked some good questions. I am even more convinced about my "posture" for this job search.

M.D., Manager, Pennsylvania

Hi Kim, It looks great! I can't wait to get started with my job search. I'll let you know how it goes. But, thanks so much for all your help!

L.B., Assistant Property Manager, New York

Thank you so much for assisting me on my resume. I never realized how much of an asset it would be for me. There were a total of 4 people who interviewed me. Two on the first day, the other two on the next day. The other two were head-honchos of the company. They both complimented me on how professional and detailed my resume looked. They both agreed that it is one of the best ones they have seen. I should be thanking you for taking time out to help me. So thanks a million.

M.L., Sales Associate, New York

Your abilities never cease to amaze me....YOU'RE GREAT!!!!!! Guess what? When I arrived home yesterday evening, I had already received 3 telephone messages from the post from the NYC area, and 8 responses by e-mail.

C.H., PC Support/Help Desk, Kentucky

I have not looked at this in great detail yet, but from what I see here quickly----fantastic job! You are right -- I can tell that you put a great deal of effort and thought into your work.

E.S., Supervising Engineer, California

I have had the opportunity to carefully read both the resume and cover letter, and I am totally happy with both of them. Thanks again.

K.P., Television/Satellite Manager, New Jersey

Hi Jodie, Sorry I took so long to answer but I have been on vacation in Texas for the last week. The package arrived safe and sound. The resume is immaculate. You and Kim did a wonderful job. Thank you so much,

L.P., Medical Records Technician, Virginia

Hi Jodie, I received the package on Monday and I am very pleased with the final product. Thank you for all your help. I have an interview coming up very soon so it came right on time. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again! Sincerely,

N.C., Research Assistant, New York

I was mostly impressed by the consultant. She made me feel very confident and I also felt that she had known me for a long time. I was very nervous so this meant a lot to me. If I get this position, I feel the help I got from Advanced Career Systems was a big part of me being accepted.

M.D., Branch Manager, New York

I want to thank you for your professional services. They may open new opportunities for me in my old profession. And if I know someone who needs a resume, I certainly will highly recommend that he or she gets your services.

M.D., Teacher, New York

Just a note to say thank you again for the beautiful job that you did with my resume...I have received several compliments from prospective employers regarding the information provided and the look of my resume...

R.L., Administrative Assistant, New York

I knew you were the person I needed to help me with my resume...Thank you for your superb services and for your patience with me.

M.G., Buyer, New York

You did an outstanding job. You're very professional and very knowledgeable about resumes...We will do business again! Keep up the good work. I have spread your name to coworkers and friends.

LB, Marketing Coordinator, New York

Everything was excellent...I am very impressed with your services and courtesy. You prepared a nice and professional resume package.

E.T., Shipping Documentation Manager, New York

I am very pleased with my resume. Not only did you give me a great resume, but you prepared me for interviews...Also, you told me not to take phone interviews lightly (which I was), so I did prepare, and good thing I did! Was in Florida last week, <XYZ> Company offered me, but I turned down due to wages. Thanks again for all your help Kim, I got more than just a resume.

D.B., Lead Steward, New York

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