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"One last quick note to thank both yourself and Kim for doing an excellent job on my resume and cover letters...I sent out my resume this past Friday and I've already gotten 3 calls and 1 interview lined up. Even though it's "my past," it was your groups' expertise in putting it together on paper for me and I am grateful." -- K.G., Sales Director

Resume Relief!
"Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen!" -- M.D., Manager

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
"I would like to extend my gratitude for all the time and effort you and Karen spent on my resume. I told Karen that the resume looks incredible and different from my original draft. More power to you and your colleagues. Again, thank you..." -- R.R., Management Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies." -- J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

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Advanced Career Systems is proud to help job seekers achieve success. Here are more client reviews...

I just wanted to tell you that I have received 3 acknowledgements on my Chemical resume finally! Yesterday, I confirmed my first interview with your new Chemical resume with a Massachusetts company so I am extremely pleased with your work and had faith in your abilities all along! Thanks again!...

Wow, what can I say? Dealing with you has been truly a pleasure! Your work is extremely impressive not too mention your great attitude. I will very highly recommend ResumePower to anyone I might know in the market for a new resume.

Thank you too for your wonderful support that is so vitally crucial at a time like this for me which is so critical to moving forward. Best regards,

M.C., R&D Chemist, Toronto

You guys did an awesome job on my resume!!.....I'd hire me for sure :).....I am extremely satisfied with the way my resume turned out...hope to talk to you soon.

M.S., Career Changer - Insurance to Pharmaceutical Sales, Pennsylvania

Wow! As usual you have done a great job which is why I recommend ResumePower to all my friends! Thanks,

J.L., Engineering Manager, California

Karen, I couldn't get more truthful than this; and, once again, I cannot tell you the huge morale boost your interpretation of my work history has meant to me at this extremly challenging professional time. Thank you.

R.E., Social Work Supervisor, New York

I just wanted to give you an update on my job search and career. Around Christmas time, I applied for a Network Administrator's position. I used my new resume, and was called in immediately for an interview. After 3 interviews I was offered the Network Administrator position, which I have accepted. I think that the position will be a very good fit for me. Also, it is a 25% raise in my base salary to start. About 45 minute drive from where I live to work, so I am not forced to move right away. I am quite pleased.

Anyway thanks to both of you for all of your help....things have really turned around for me in the last couple of months, and I truly appreciate the help and support from all of you at I will certainly recommend you to my friends and associates when they need a "career boost." Warmest Regards,

M.D., Network Administrator, Colorado

It looks great!! This is the 2nd time I have done this resume thing. In both instances it has been a pleasant surprise to stand back and see where I have been. I know that I have done everything in that resume, but the power of the well-written word is amazing.

- C.C., Federal Government Executive, Washington, D.C.

That was quick! Thanks again for such an outstanding job. Never in my widest creative talent could have melded my resumes and cover letters to together. I’ll sign off on the cover letters. Now that my resume package is complete, I am armed and ready to face the world. Thanks again…

D.T., Senior IT Consultant, Pennsylvania

Yes, I did receive your package! It looked wonderful. I actually had a call yesterday from a company I contacted last week. Then, just this morning, a previous colleague of mine sent me a job posting at her company (that is in Telecommunications) and they are located only 4 miles away from my home.

I hope things continue like this. I'll be sure to let you know if I accept a position somewhere!

It was a pleasure working with you and Karen, too. Hope everything is going well for you both.

M.R., Project Manager, Michigan

You did a fantastic job - Thank you! Your words characterize me extremely well (it made me smile and I think will do the same for the reader). BTW, your timing was perfect, I was just sent an email from the conference coodinator pressing me for my bio. I suspect that you had to move some projects around to help me meet my deadline - if you did - thank you very, very much - it is truly appreciated! I'm already looking forward to our next project together (I should sign you on as my agent!)

Thanks again for your efforts and all the best to you!

K. V., Marketing Director, California

<after receiving Professional Resume Critique report>

Thank you so much for your message and attachment. It was terrific! Your edits and recommendations were professional, thorough, insightful and respectful. I'm truly pleased I made the decision to go with Advanced Career Systems. Your services are truly a smart investment. Thanks so much.

S.H., Director of Marketing, Georgia

Looks great. Let's go for the final proofing. Once again, you've outdone yourself. I almost hate to see this get finished...I love working with you!! Thanks again for everything. I look forward to receiving the final version. Warm Regards,

J.F., Senior Project Manager, New Jersey

A wonderful job again! I sent you <Name Snip> earlier this month. I also have <Name Snip> and <Name Snip> coming your way too. A friend of mine at the Pentagon read <Name Snip>'s resume and said that HE would go to you for his resume should he need one. That is an amazing recommendation!

K.W., General Manager, New York

Thanks to you and Karen for the impressive job on my new resume and ahead of schedule at that. Thank you again, it's been a pleasure working with you. I look forward to some great results.

S.M., Director of F&B Operations, Texas

Everything arrived just fine. In fact a copy of my new resume is in the hands of my old president who is CEO with another company in the area, he was excited to receive it. The opportunity sounds extremely promising. He is setting up a meeting for me to meet one of the owners, I will let you know how it goes!!

My thanks and appreciation to you, Karen and Kim for your great work, thoughts, input, etc. It really is one impressive document!! Thanks!!!

P.L., Senior Director of Supply Chain Management, Wisconsin

Wow! I am so glad that I chose to have you write my resume. It's fabulous! Thank you for all of your hard work. Sincerely,

B.L., Teacher, Hong Kong

The final resume looks great! It certainly has been a pleasure working with you, too, Karen. You're undoubtedly in the right career with your obvious strengths in writing, listening and communicating with others! I really appreciate the fine job you did on my resume.

It was funny when I proudly showed my new resume to my father. He gave me a look like, "Wow, is this really all about you?!?" The new resume appears to represent a different individual (compared to my old resume). However, as I stated to my father, "Everything on the new resume is 100% true and accurate." It just makes me feel a lot more excited about what I have to offer potential employers. I gives me a lot more confidence, too.

M.R., Project Manager, Michigan

I must commend you on your work. This is one of the most brilliant resumes I have ever seen. I will recommend you to all of my associates.

C.T., Network Architect, California

Got the package. I emailed five folks last week and have already received two calls from two of the companies I really liked. The resume is simply a job very well done. More to come,

S.G., Senior Account Executive, Georgia

Thanks so much. Everyone at ResumePower has been AWESOME to work with and I recommend you to anyone and everyone that is working on their resume.

F.D., Applications Engineer, Oregon

Two years ago I hired ResumePower to elaborate my resume and it was perfect. Actually it helped me to find a job very soon here in Toronto. I will like to update it. Thank you.

M.B., Senior Project Engineer, Toronto

Thanks again for the great job on my resume, I am very pleased with the final product. I have shown your work to some of my friends and I am sure that some of them will contact you in the future when the need arises.

C.B., Attorney, New York

I can not thank you enough for the patience you and everyone has shown towards me. My son <name snip> will be contacting you regarding his resume. You have a superior product! Thanks again.

J.K., HR Director, New Jersey

Thanks so much! I appreciate the service you have provided me and I am truly delighted with the resume!

W.S., Corporate Trainer, Virginia

Hi Karen, I have reviewed my resume, and it looks excellent. I think that this is a more effective format for my industry, and it helps me because I am not good at bragging about my accomplishments.

R.P., Senior Sales Engineer, New York

Thank you!!!!! I will work on the highlighted areas and double check my resume and cover letter. I will definitely recommend you to anyone asking for help with a resume. I read it over quickly and yes I have accomplished those goals but I never had any idea of how to communicate my accomplishments and goals.

Follow up:

I have recommended you to other people I know who have graduated or are looking for new careers. The ones who had their resumes done by you did well with their career moves.

D.L., Accounting Professional, Massachusetts

Just wanted to let you know that... I got in the door at <XYZ Publishing Co>! For the past seven weeks, I've been working in the weddings department as a Freelance Editorial Assistant. As you know (but might not remember - it was quite some time ago!), working for <snip> has been a dream of mine for years. The environment is so stimulating - I'm surrounded by such incredibly talented people, and am finally putting my own creative skills and enthusiasm to good use! Thank you for all of your guidance in helping me put my life on paper in a form that reflected both my professional experience/goals as well as my heart's desire. Every dream I envisioned for myself in moving from California to New York has been fully realized. With much gratitude,

L.H., Editorial Assistant, New York

First of all, I want to thank you for the great resume. Wow! I can see why hiring a professional is worth the cost. I must admit that I had some reservations at first since mine is not a "typical" business career (if there is such a thing) but seeing how you took the material and developed it is awesome.

R.S., Minister, Massachusetts

Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciate your efforts during the entire process of gathering the needed information and producing the actual resume. Unfortunately, or fortunately, a person who has not had to change jobs often does not have the experience to create a decent resume. I am very happy with what we produced, and I believe it will be invaluable in my future job search. Karen did an excellent job and please pass along my congratulations on a job well done. Thanks again,

C.D., Financial Executive, Tennessee

Thanks for your help with both my resume and my cover letter. I received your package at the beginning of the week. The new resume has been getting great attention. I already have one offer on the table which is about 34% higher than my current comp. I finally feel like I'm being considered fairly for the value I'm bringing to the table. I'll keep you posted on how things turn out. Thanks again,

L.H., E-Business Consultant, Massachusetts

Thanks so much for the information. I appreciate you thinking about me. By the way, I just got my rough draft and love it. I am so pleased with my results. Really helped with meeting my objective! I am moving through it for finalization. Karen is awesome!!!

G.S., Sales Executive, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I received the rough draft of my resume today....Wow! Is all I can say. I forgot that I was reading information about myself at one point. I like what I see so far...Again, thank-you for the great resume...I'm very pleased at this point. The layout is upbeat and contemporary, plus the wording is incredible. You used the right words and made key points in ways I never would have thought...

D.S., Business Development Manager, Texas

Hi, Thank you for the article. I have reviewed and discussed the first draft of my resume with Karen. Wow, I am very pleased with her work! We made some minor corrections/modifications and she should be sending the final draft back to me today. Again, I would like to stress that her talent and skill reaffirmed that I made the right decision to have a professional compose my resume. Thank you.

J.M., Human Resources Manager, Florida

I want to thank you for your help with my search, I have positive news to report. As you know I kicked off my search in early October with goal of having working options by Thanksgiving and offers by Christmas. The pace was faster than expected in that I had several options and 3 offers by Thanksgiving. I have accepted a senior role at <XYZ Company> in Boston as Principal of the financial services practice. In the course of my search I heard comments on resume that included: it's the strongest I have ever seen and best resume because it answers a lot. With your help, my resume targeted my search and the subsequent discussion/ interviews process so I could focus on finding the right next opportunity.

J.K., Principal, Financial Services, Massachusetts

First off I need to say Thank you! Second would be WOW. Karen I guess I needed an outside source to re-inject the qualities I have gained over the years. I didn't take time to stop and analyze what talents I did have!

J.G., Customer Service Professional (career changer), New York

Thank you for a job well done. I certainly like it and I am equally well impressed with your writing abilities. I am glad I chose ResumePower!

M.C., R&D Chemist, Ontario

Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen! Best Regards,

M.D., Manager, Pennsylvania

Sorry for the delay in responding to your note on any changes to the draft of the resume you created for me. Unfortunately the work you did on it has become disturbing to me. For some reason I cannot seem to turn off the flood of offers that have come in the last few weeks and now I am in a position of trying to determine which to accept after 2 weeks of interviewing with a number of companies :-) :-)

Had you there for a minute on that second sentence, eh? ;-) the power of words and resumes for the matter!

As you might have guessed I am quite happy with the results. In any case I only sent the resume out to 5 places and of those 5 had offers on 4 of them. The other is one I actually turned away as it was not of interest after talking to the HR person in more depth. I have narrowed my choice down to 2 firms and I am leaning toward <XYZ DotCom> at this point. While my salary won't be that of an Executive yet, the position sounds awesome and I hope in a few years to have some new experience to add to the resume. Since I am sure your business will still be around, seeing how well your work makes things happen, I will be in touch down the road when I am ready to move onward and upward.

Other than that I wanted to say thank you so much. Your ability to shape into words my experience provided me the conduit to launch myself into the prospects I chose and land an awesome position. I am just glad I only sent this to a select few otherwise I think my email and phone would have been overloaded :-) Thanks much Kim! You are AWESOME!

R.M., IT Consultant / Applications Architect, New York

Thanks Kim! I looked over the resume briefly and I love what I see! It is amazing to see who I am and what I can do on paper. I don't think that I could have described myself that way.

I think I have really been underestimating myself for a long time. I have been told that before but to actually see my experience and qualifications on paper makes a big difference. I have butterflies in my stomach as I am talking to you just thinking about what may be ahead once I start circulating this resume! (That sounds a little weird doesn't it). I will look at it very carefully this weekend and make the necessary changes, if any.

Thank you again and I will touch base with you next week. Have a great weekend!

C.M., Sales Representative, North Carolina

Karen, I received the first draft of my resume and although I only had a minute to spare I was thrilled when it first appeared on the screen and couldn't wait to read it. You made me feel proud and confident with each line I read and I can't wait to take the time to carefully go over it. You are a talented Genius! Thank You for exceeding my expectations.

D.H., Videographer, Hawaii

I just wanted to reply to the e-mail you sent me roughly a week ago. I'm extremely pleased with the resume you and your staff developed for me. My apologies for not giving you feedback sooner, but I kind of needed to get the job search process going :) I greatly enjoyed working with you and Jodie.

J.F., Chief Information Officer, Ohio

<After consultation:>

You really have a knack for bringing out the best in people - my compliments! Our conversation was illuminating, invigorating, and just about the most fun that I've had in quite some time. You have a wonderfully effortless laugh and I had to fight tooth and nail to resist the urge to continue to say things that would encourage it. Seriously though - it really was a pleasure dealing with you and my confidence has sky-rocketed knowing that I have someone with your abilities on my side. Here's to a long and mutually profitable relationship!

<After receiving first draft:>

I have to admit that I really had the highest expectations imaginable so you can just imagine how pleased and surprised I was to discover that you were able to exceed those expectations. My compliments to your talent and ability. You have really elevated your craft into a true artform. I raise my glass (figuratively, of course, since it's only a little past nine in the morning) to you in salute! This is only the beginning of what I hope will be a long and mutually profitable relationship.

D.S., Network Analyst, Illinois

Thank you for the beautifully written resume draft! Wow, I've read it several times and am impressed with my skills, LOL! No, I'm just kidding about that part, but you did a fabulous job of showcasing my experience.:-)

I wanted to ask your advice on what I might say if I have an interview and someone compliments me on my beautiful resume and asks whether I wrote it. What would you suggest is the best way to answer that question without raising eyebrows that I'm applying for writing positions yet didn't write my own resume? (Believe me, I've thought about this several times and keep telling myself that it's not because I'm a bad writer but that you are so much more experienced in this very specialized field. Would that be convincing to a recruiter?)

I would also really appreciate any feedback you might be able to give me regarding my cover letter samples. As I mentioned on the phone, I wouldn't want to "ruin" your great work with a poorly written letter!

Thanks so much,

R.L, Copywriter, Minnesota

Thank you for the excellent work you've done on both this resume and the original two years ago. I've already referred a co-worker to your site and would gladly refer anybody to whom I show the resume as well.

V.S., IT Technician, New Jersey

Hi Jodie, What at great job!!! Spoke to several people about having resume professionally written. After seeing my own resume, I will insist they look no further than Thanks again,

D.R., Senior Programmer, New York

The resume looks outstanding! I am really impressed with your ability to convey my career so eloquently.

K.W., Logistics Manager, New York

It looks beautiful! Probably my best investment to date! I'll review tonight and add any changes and also complete the highlighted information. I think you made me look great!

K.H., Division President, Financial Operations, Pennsylvania

The more I read and look over my resume, the more I love it!!! Thanks for bringing out the best in me and transforming these qualities so eloquently and succinctly onto paper. You are a gifted writer and interpreter of facts, and and I am truly awed by the results! I am sure the resume you have crafted for me will open the floodgates of opportunity!

S.C., Executive Assistant, Illinois

My resume looks great! I wanted to thank you for your hard work and time spent on my new and improved resume. I look forward to using it to help me secure a new and better job. Thanks again!

M.C., Mechanical Engineer, Pennsylvania

Hi Jodie! I received each of your emails! Thanks for sending them over tonight...I appreciate that you stayed late to send them to me.

The resume looks great!!! Please let Karen know she did a great job, she is very talented. I would also like to thank you for all your assistance and patience. You have been very accommodating in setting up all of our phone calls around my schedule - I really appreciate this! You are very professional and yet easy to talk with, I felt very relaxed and comfortable speaking with you. Jodie, thank you for your help!

A.M., Business Consultant, New York

Quick update (I always appreciate news from my clients). Submitted the updated resume that you performed your magic on. 1st submittal, 2 interviews and an offer. Interviewers complimented the resume (and relevant work experience). Accepted the offer today - drug screening tomorrow. All that is left is telling my current employer (of 12 years!!) of the change in career path. How are you at emotional resignation letter - I'm kidding. Just wanted to thank you again - and let you know how it worked out. I am certainly available to endorse and generally tout the quality of your services. Do you have a preferred forum (the newsgroup, or simply the letter above, or?)

C.S., Director of Marketing, Oregon


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