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Four Quick Fixes for Your Resume
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"One last quick note to thank both yourself and Kim for doing an excellent job on my resume and cover letters...I sent out my resume this past Friday and I've already gotten 3 calls and 1 interview lined up. Even though it's "my past," it was your groups' expertise in putting it together on paper for me and I am grateful." -- K.G., Sales Director

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"Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen!" -- M.D., Manager

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
"I would like to extend my gratitude for all the time and effort you and Karen spent on my resume. I told Karen that the resume looks incredible and different from my original draft. More power to you and your colleagues. Again, thank you..." -- R.R., Management Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies." -- J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

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Advanced Career Systems is proud to help job seekers achieve success. Our expertise allows us to devise strategies that win our clients interviews; but our genuine concern for our clients and the focus on personal service keeps clients coming back and referring friends, family, and associates. We can't think of a better way to demonstrate the power of our services than by showcasing comments from our clients. Here is a sampling of what clients have to say...

I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies.

Your timeliness in working on a compressed schedule and delivering a near perfect product on the day you promised was not only appreciated but thoroughly impressive.

Finally, one of the most impressive aspects of your work was your excellent ability to translate my 15 years of information technology, telecommunications and leadership experience as a career military officer into very relevant industry terms.

I'm sure that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship Kim.

J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

Sample comments by employers, recruiters, and colleagues regarding this client's resume:

"I got a chance to look at your resume. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Would you mind sending me a copy for plagiarizing purposes? I'm always tweaking mine and looking for new ideas for presentation."

"You have a very powerful resume -- skill sets in several areas. Please contact me when you are back in Fredburg...I have several ideas about your future, some of them with us."

"You have done a GREAT job of presenting yourself on paper in a way that a non-military experience, commercial executive can see your skills...I do not have any CIO searches open at this time myself, but a number of my partners do, and I will urge them to review your resume."

"I thought the resume looked great - right length, right amount of "big picture" and detail. I am not surprised that you are getting positive responses. Some employer is probably out there drooling for a shot at an IT person with your background and management experience..."

Once again I have to commend you

and your staff for the wonderful work you
do. I have to say it again, you truly are professionals! You guys are writers, career guiders, counselors and psychologists all in one! You have really helped me through this. I would not have been able to do it without you. I would recommend your services to friends and family but they all have JOBS!

C.P., Program Director, Connecticut

Hi Jodie,

Nice to hear from you and thank you for your concern in this difficult time for several people here in Southern California. I am well and far from the firestorm. The air is difficult to breathe but bearable considering the circumstances.

Due to the exceptional assistance from ResumePower.com, I have been working full time for a marketing agency in a job I am very excited about. I work from home and love the fact that I don't have to commute on the freeways. In the near future I will contact you to assist me in updating my resume with my current employment position and my accomplishments to date. Sincerely,

G.A., Marketing Director, California

Hi Jodie,

I just wanted to let you know that I got excellent feedback about the resume from the HR folks, everybody loved. In addition I put together a basic professional web page (see below) and received the same positive response. The problem I’m facing with is that I got two offers and don’t know which one to take. I took the liberty and gave your name and phone number to a friend of mine to help him with his resume needs. Regards,

P.C., Quality Assurance Manager/Engineer, Massachusetts

I reviewed the first draft on the first day you sent it to me. I have been having great success with it. I have it posted on hotjobs, monster, careerpath, and yahoo. Actually, the biggest success that I have had with the first draft, was with <XYZ Company>. They had a job posting for an analyst position international banking in their treasury department. This past week, I just finished going on my third interview with them. This upcoming week is when I should hear on what their decision ends up being. Headhunters have been constantly been getting in touch with me, so that they could have me come down to their offices. Lastly, I included my first draft in my graduate application for Pace University. Two weeks later, they've accepted me for the Spring 2000 semester. It has been one thing after the other. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. At the present moment, I would like to keep the first draft in tact as is. If there any changes that have have to be made, I will notify you promptly. So far, I have experienced great early success with this first draft. This was definitely money well spent. I will touch base with you soon and let you know how I made out at <XYZ Company> and any other upcoming opportunity I get. Once again, you have done a great job.

S.I., International Banking Rep, New Jersey

I already reviewed it and it looks perfect. Thank you very much - you did a terrific job. Last time you helped me with this (like two years ago), I found work in two weeks. For a newcomer it was like a record, I hope I'm as lucky as before.

M.B., Manufacturing Engineer, Ontario

Kim: I am most impressed with the way your company does business. I will continue to come back to you as my career progresses and recommend others to do the same. I know a lot of people looking for jobs at my company and I would be willing to hand out your business cards to a few people if you would like to send some to me. Thanks for all the great work you and your team has done for me. Regards,

S.S., Lead IT Architect, Colorado

Come on! Hopefully you already know the answer! Of course I'll be a reference!!!! I talk you up at every chance I get. Just to give you an idea on how well your resumes have worked for me, here is a list of people who have contacted me: CIA, U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, and <snip> Company. Essentially everyone that I sent a resume to requested an interview with me. Your resumes work beautifully!!!!

J.G., Executive, Maryland

Yes, I did receive the package. I have been on two interviews already, and hope to here from either one any day now. Again nice job on the resume, it is definitely getting my foot in the door.

D.S., Sales Manager, Ohio

I really believe my resume has been transformed into a real sales document. I especially like the PDF printout which significantly highlights impactful career highlights at a glance (and as you know, sometimes that's all you get). Money well spent! Thank you and a special thanks to Karen. Best Regards,

J.K., Director of Human Resources, New Jersey

Hi Karen,

I would like to thank you for your assistance with my resume and my job search a few months ago. I have recently secured the position at <snip>. Your assistance and advice were invaluable for me and it was a great pleasure to work with you!

I wish you only the best for the new year and I hope you have a great holiday season! Thank you,

A.K., Senior Software Engineer, California

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was out of town for a week. I can't begin to tell how pleased I am with my resume. You did a FANTASTIC job!! After reading it, I was even impressed with myself. My husband, who rarely says anything more than "it's OK," thought it was "exceptional and phenomenal." In fact, your group should be hearing from him shortly. He was so impressed with your work that he would like to have his resume rewritten.

Thank you, once again, for the superb job that you have done. I am truly impressed with the staff members at Resumepower. Everyone was courteous, responsive, and very professional. It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone. Believe me, I am spreading the word!! Regards,

D.M., Public Relations Specialist, Missouri

Thank you so much for everything. This has been the best experience I've ever had purchasing a service from any company. My satisfaction with the resume is eclipsed only by the joy I have knowing I will never have to do my own resume again. I will be using your services throughout my career - please don't retire before I do!

E.C., Programmer/Analyst, Florida

Hi Karen, I haven't spoken to you since March when you helped me write my resume, but I wanted to write you this short note to tell you about my new job! After months of patient searching I've found a new home with a major national distribution company, and it's everything I ever could have wanted in a job. This company has over 500 employees in 15 cities nationwide, and their Human Resources department has seen plenty of resumes I'm sure. But they were very impressed with the way mine looked, and you get all the credit.

I've been a brand manager in the past, designing products for <snip>, and that's the direction I was expecting to go, but this company has given me a position as <snip>, which gives me responsibility for 3 brands at once plus the ability to create more brands as fast as the company can grow them! I now report directly to the president. I'm positive that without such an excellent resume they would not have considered me for a position at this level. I'm pleased to say that my salary is now in six figures, with likely bonuses beyond that. Karen, the money I spent with your service was repaid to me in my first paycheck. Thanks so much for your fantastic work. I'll happily refer anyone to you that needs help with a new career. Best Regards,

P.D., Marketing & Product Development Executive, Colorado

Dear Karen,

What can I say, except "THANK YOU," once again, for delivering an outstanding product, with no advance notice, and delivering it right on time. The thank-you letter exceeded my greatest expectations as has all of your previous work. I had a great interview yesterday and felt very confident providing the Regional VP with a copy of my new resume. I felt the follow-up letter of thanks was the icing on the cake. You never know how these interviews will turn out, but win or lose, I know (thanks to you) that I did the best I possibly could.
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your helping me out and what a terrific job you did on this project. I won't forget what you did for me.

Sincerely Yours,

T.S., District Sales Manager, Georgia

Hi Karen and Jodie,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my job search. I accepted a position last Friday, and the resume’ you produced for me had a major part in getting this job. I am going to be working for <snip> providing computer support to three Cisco sales offices. The hiring practice went very quickly. A recruiter in CA found my resume’ on Monster.com and called me. I embalmed him a Word formatted version, had a telephone interview at 9AM the following day, and received an offer at Noon that same day. So I was hired based on a 30 minute telephone interview and my resume, so I can't thank you enough for the wonderful work you've done for me. Thanks,

N.S., Network Technician, Pennsylvania

Hi Karen, Thanks for all your help over the last few weeks. You were a pleasure to work with - very organized and professional. I will keep you informed of my progress. It was really nice to work with an organization and its people who not only claim to be professional, but also can back up the claim by providing first-rate service with a staff that's not only knowledgeable but are nice people. Best wishes to you all. Regards,

D.M., VP Operations, Massachusetts

Hello Karen, YOU are awesome!! It looks great and definitely "sells" my skills, career accomplishments and....clearly states my career goal. I have to thank you for your detailed work,...THANK YOU,THANK YOU!

T.A., Sales Manager, Pennsylvania

Hi Karen,

Kudos to you -- I submitted the management resume online and got a few hits. I have a meeting with a headhunter this afternoon. I feel so much more confident that I have a resume that portrays me and all my skills. My old resume did me more harm than good, so I didn't put it out there like I have this one. I am very pleased and very satisfied!

F.S., Operations Manager, Colorado

First, let me congratulate you on an exceptional job. I was honestly very, very impressed with the product. You convinced me that I have done the right thing and hired a very talented group of folks to assist with my new job search.

C.R., Operations Executive, Virginia

Thanks so much! I am so glad you wrote my resume -- and many thanks for suggesting a layout that mimics my site. This is SO much stronger/punchier/cleaner than what I had been using prior to meeting you! I really enjoyed working with you.

I'll let you know where I land. Thanks again.

C.G., Senior Designer, Massachusetts

Hi! I want to let you know that I found a new job. It is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much for the awesome resume and cover letter you created for me. You helped me get my foot in the door to interview in school districts that I wouldn't have with my old resume. Thanks again for your help!

B.H., Teacher, Minnesota

I have to say that I am pleased with the product that you produced and feel strongly that it will be instrumental in securing my next position. THANK YOU!...I would again like to tell you how happy I am with the work that you did and I will not hesitate to refer anyone to you.

W.F., General Manager, Oregon

Jodie, Thanks for following up. I must say, I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism within your organization. My search is going well. In fact, I'm very close to getting a job in the field I am interested in...Thanks to my impressive new resume! Thanks,

L.V., Property Manager, New York

Wow Karen - you've done it again! The resume is unbelievable - it's sharp, the content nails it, and the CompTIA and MCP icons look great when viewed in MS Word as well as in hard copy.

D.S. (for his brother--gave resume as a graduation gift), Massachusetts

Without your help I might not be in the job I'm in now! Thank you so much for everything you did, you were awesome the whole time, more than just writing the resume...with the coaching you made me take a hard look at what I'm really capable of, and I guess I needed that! Resume writing and interview coaching were excellent. The job I'm in is going really great and is exactly what I was aiming for. Again thank you for everything Kim, you were great!

(Initials withheld upon request), Central Office Technician

Good Morning,

Well, I'm speechless. And trust me, that doesn't happen often. The resume is more than I could have imagined. I truly believe you've captured and illuminated the very best of my professional self. What employer would not want to scoop me up?! I'm going to review the draft one more time. But I think it's a go. I've already recommended your services to several friends. Thank you.

L.V., HR Director, Maryland

I want to take this opportunity to thank both of you. You made the resume creation process far easier than it would have been on my own. I am extremely impressed with the product you created. A week ago, people looked at me funny when I said that I was having my resume done professionally. Now having seen the finished copy, they understand just what the difference is. The job fair was not really what I had expected, having been a rookie in that arena. It was crowded and really lacked the one-on-one experience that I anticipated. I will say that I feel like I held my own with the other participants....and I know I had a better resume. You should have seen a few of the faces when I presented copies to them! Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

N.L., Network Engineer, Virginia

Karen, I must say................................WOW! You did a magnificent job with this! I knew that it was missing something and this really makes a big difference. I think the overall presentation will most definitely assist with getting more interviews......you are so awesome......

C.T., Team Associate, New Jersey

Great; thank you again!!! Excellent work...As for the cover letter, you did such a great job on the resume, I'm game. Please start immediately!...Thanks again for the stellar performance.

C.R., Operations Executive, Virginia

First I want to say WOW!!! Thank you again, it is awesome.

D.H., Sergeant, Maryland

Karen, Wow. I am speechless. After reading through what you've created, I would interview myself! Any doubts I may have had about hiring a professional writer has been put to rest. Wow. Again, you have done an amazing job. "WOW" is all I can say.

Everyone I've shown this to loves it! Hopefully, someone from <Company Name> will love it enough to want to interview me! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you've done. I will be sure to let my friends and colleagues know where they should go if they ever need resume help. High regards,

P.T., Technical Marketing Manager, New York

I am happy to report that I received and accepted an offer of employment back with <snip>. Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given me. I wish you both the best. Thank you again,

C.M., Account Manager, Washington


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