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Four Quick Fixes for Your Resume
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"One last quick note to thank both yourself and Kim for doing an excellent job on my resume and cover letters...I sent out my resume this past Friday and I've already gotten 3 calls and 1 interview lined up. Even though it's "my past," it was your groups' expertise in putting it together on paper for me and I am grateful." -- K.G., Sales Director

Resume Relief!
"Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen!" -- M.D., Manager

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
"I would like to extend my gratitude for all the time and effort you and Karen spent on my resume. I told Karen that the resume looks incredible and different from my original draft. More power to you and your colleagues. Again, thank you..." -- R.R., Management Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies." -- J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

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Advanced Career Systems is proud to help job seekers achieve success. Here are more client reviews...

You are absolutely amazing - a real artist! I am really thrilled with the result. I can hardly believe it's me on the resume. You were able to capture my strongest skills and experience and profile them in a way that will make people take notice. This resume and cover letter will absolutely give me more confidence in my pursuit of a career change. With this tool in my hand that you've given me, I have no doubt I can do it!

I can't thank you enough for this beautiful resume and for my renewed confidence. I am definitely going to recommend you to anyone in need of resume services!!

L.S., Career Changer - Sales to HR, Ohio

Update on the job, based on the winning resume and then a response I wrote on the 5 page proposal they sent me, the recruiter called very excited tonight to tell me that I had been selected as 1 of 6 semifinalists. I will be flying to New York next week for a full day interview. Then they plan to interview the final 3 on May 21st. I am pretty overwhelmed by this response and VERY excited. This would be a GREAT job for me! Your resume definitely got their attention. She said she had an excellent pool that started out as 120 candidates that they narrowed down to 70, then 56, then 17 and mine. She went to New York with the 18 and they narrowed it down to the 6. All I can say is WOW! Do you guys do anything in the way of helping people prepare for interviews? I would love some help if you do for this.

<Feedback given to client>:

"It is a compelling account of a brilliant career in mid-stream. She did a great job. You're living a life of achievement. The resume should produce opportunities."

Now if that isn't a complete endorsement!! I sent it off to the first job late last week and the search firm that has been handling the job has been frantically trying to reach me all weekend since she recede it. So how about that?! I agree on the targeted distribution plan. Let's roll! Regards,

L.J., Executive Director, California

Hi Karen, Thanks!! My response is it looks great! I have a fun story to share --- I met with a creative director Wednesday afternoon (marketing writer) and he commented on my resume and presentation. I did not take the credit --- gave that to you! He commented that by contacting a writer I obviously understand the value of marketing. Now, I have a 2-week contract with his group, so my call to you will be lunchtime or end of day. Thanks so much for all you've done. Talk to you soon,

C.G., Senior Designer, Massachusetts

You did an awesome job! I've read hundreds of resumes and have not come across any that match the one you've prepared for me.

R.B., Marketing VP, Delaware

Just wanted to let you know I received my 1st phone call regarding my new resume. I posted it on and received a call today from a recruiter. I am SO excited. Thanks again!

Don't worry, I won't e-mail you with every detail but I wanted to share my 1st success. Smiling BIG,

L.S., Sales Representative, Ohio

I've heard from a number of friends and co-workers that consider it a fantastic resume. Thanks for everything. If you'd like me to provide you a testimonial or something for your service, I'll gladly do so. Thanks again.

B.W., Promotional/Advertising Copywriter, Maryland

Just wanted to give you an update on where I've landed and thank you again for doing such a great job on my resume last spring. I used that version to get myself into an e-commerce startup business based in DC called <snip> and worked there between June and December. We hit some funding issues back in November (no surprise considering the market!) and were forced to close operations. I launched my 2nd search of 2000 in November...and landed what appears to be a great sales position with <XYZ Company> selling Infrastructure management solutions (Asset, Facility, Fleet and service Desk Management software)...I can tell you that during this recent search, I got several compliments on how well the resume you created presented me...I sent it out with confidence each and every time! As good as it is, I hope that it will stay shelved for some months to come :) Hope everything is going well for you both. Take care!

J.R., Senior Sales Manager, Connecticut

Hi Jodie,

I am writing for two reasons. The first is to let you guys know that I got a job! It is with <snip>. I am going to be starting their Management Trainee program on May 1st. This is good news and I used my new resume to land the interview for the job, thanks. My second reason for writing is to ask if I could get this position added to my resume file and have it e-mailed to me. Please let me know what you can do. Thanks again.

E.F., Warehouse Manager, Illinois

THANK YOU so much Kim, for your kindness and the quick response. My friend Lisa referred me to you. She asked you a question too a while ago and she told me you were really nice and definitely a professional, that in her mind you were the person to ask for help with resume issues. Again, many thanks for your help, I wish you a wonderful day.

I.V., New U.S. Worker

Hi Kim, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I moved from the Boston, MA area to Tampa, FL and because of your help with my resume I was able to land a job starting a marketing department for a <snip> company. Thank you again for your time and effort. Sincerely,

A.M., Marketing Professional, Florida

Thank you, also I have shown my resume to co-workers, seniors, who I will be graduating with this May, and also to my friends, I gave all of them your e-mail, they could not believe my resume, I couldn't believe it either. I told them this is the work I have done and these are my true accomplishments. I expect that they will be e-mailing you in the near future.

My resume would have never been this professional without your help, if the people I gave yours and Jodie's e-mail to do not e-mail you they are missing out on one of the most important opportunities in their possible career moves.

D.L., Assistant to the Controller, Massachusetts

I just received my resume today. Thank you much for your help and professional work ethic over the past month. Everything looks great.

J.S., Retail Manager, New York

I wanted to let you know that I had a very successful interview today with a potential offer pending. The resume was a huge hit with the people I was interviewing with -- they really were blown away by it.

D.S., Senior Marketing Manager, Chicago

The interview went great - I'm hired if I want the job. The HR woman told me I was their strongest candidate and she felt I would fit in well there. But like you said, it's my first offer and I've been sending my resume out. I've already got two more responses!! I love my resume! Thanks again. It's nice to get in the door because my people skills come through. Wouldn't happen without this resume. I'm so happy I could hug you. Everybody I've shown the resume to is so impressed. Again Kim thank you for your good service.

B.G., Network Technician, CNA, New Jersey

From the pre-interview to the final draft, I knew I was in good hands. Speaking/consulting with you about my goals gave me confidence and made me realize what I have achieved as of yet and what needs to be achieved. I received nothing but encouragement from you. I can't thank you enough for the remarkable work you have done with my resume. You were a friend more than a business entity.

The whole experience, from start to finish, was a pleasurable one. Explanation was thorough, pricing was fair, and the final result was outstanding. Personalized attention given to me was overwhelming.

What can I tell you, YOU ARE THE BEST. Would I return in 3-6 months to update my resume? You betcha! I thank you once again for doing a wonderful job on my resume.

A.D., Systems Analyst, New York

I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. I never got a chance because I got the job that I interviewed for! I believe that it was due to the resume you created for me. Without your help in squeezing me in and writing the resume as well as printing it and receiving 10 copies all in one day turnaround time - I would not have gotten this job. I found the entire experience pleasant and well worth the money I spent. I can't think of anything that would have been better - you really went all out for me. When I find myself looking for another job on my way up, I will definitely call you again for your expert and friendly advice.

M.H., Marketing Professional, New York

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the time you spent on the phone reviewing my professional career. In doing so, you have given me a new breath of fresh air as it relates to my lack of degree. I appreciate how quickly you made me feel comfortable, which in turn allowed me to discuss my personal feelings as it related to my future. Because of our call, I would say that you have already done a great job and I haven't even seen a draft of my resume. I also wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the online portfolio, I agree with you that, that will go a long way. So of course my next online task after I finish this email is to grab my domain name.

T.H., Director of Online Services, Pennsylvania

I appreciate all of your help. You were an angel sent to me through the web. Thanks. I will be referring you to my former instructors at the university. I think your services are worth the money. I feel it is an investment in my future and I feel more confident going to my interview knowing you prepared this for me.

S.T., Dental Assistant transitioning to Pharmaceutical Sales, Kentucky

The resume writing was almost magical. Employers have not only commented on my "impressive" resume, but also asked who wrote it! The personal interest and "tips" have been invaluable too.

You are witness to the idea that it is possible to love one's job! Your competence and joy have been inspiring to me. You prove that it is possible to enjoy working while also having a lasting, positive impact on people's lives. Thank you!

J.T., Sales Representative, California

I have finally found some time to sit down and write this letter. As you can see on the business card enclosed, I have accepted a position as Brand Management Consultant with the <XYZ> Company. This new job has kept me pretty busy in the past six weeks and I am very excited about this opportunity. I am enjoying the work, the people, and the challenge a lot.

I wanted to write to thank you for all your help during my job search. Your professional advice and friendly support really made the whole process much easier and much more satisfying. Thank you once again.

B.L., Brand Management Consultant, New York

Hi Jodie,

I received the package and my resumes look great! I will definately be in touch in the future for resume updates and such! Thank you so much for all that you and everyone at ResumePower did!

Best regards,

S.L., Sports Events Manager, Massachusetts

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I have been getting quite a few responses from the resume you did for me. Temp agencies are usually very difficult to get calls from primarily because they are searching for specific skill sets, and quite honestly, I have gottan like 5 responses from them already.

C.T., Administrative Assistant, New Jersey

<after interview coaching>

Everything just came out natural and I felt like I handled all their questions perfectly (thanks to you!)...Anyway, I'll keep you posted as soon as something develops, thanks again!

J.M., Telecommunications Service Technician, Washington

Just wanted to let you know that I received the resume today and I LOVE what you did -- it made me really excited about my job search. You did such a great job, I can't imagine having done anything like that myself. Your services are great -- I'm really impressed!

T.L., Retail Manager, Texas

I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed working with you. You are a very pleasant person to work with and do an excellent job. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I encounter who is in need.

Follow up:

Hello Kim, How are you? Well, it took a long time but I've finally got things going with <XYZ Company>. I have made it through the initial HR screening and the technical interview and they are flying me to <city> on January 9. I've also made it to the same point with <DEF Company> in <city>. I had sent them the original resume and cover letter back in October and they contacted me a couple weeks ago. I'm going to <city> in early January as well. Again, thank you for all you have contributed to my search. I don't think I would have gotten to this point if I hadn't contacted you initially.

M.T., Software Engineer, Wisconsin

Thanks for all your efforts with the resume. It seems to have worked! Just needed a little extra time to have it used for jobs I actually qualify for! So recently the interviews and subsequent offers have come. I'll make sure to pass the word to others who may need their resumes revamped. Thanks,

S.G., Database Administrator, Florida

Thank you Kim. I feel a bit better equipped now that I have this "at the ready." I appreciate your flexibility and solid product. If you find yourself in Richmond, please let me buy you lunch. Thank you for the offer for follow-up.

M.E., Information Technology Director, Virginia

With the holidays and other distractions, it has taken me a little longer than expected to review the critique report you provided. I want to thank you for your feedback and suggestions. It was more detailed than I expected and I am much more confident with the revisions I have made based on your report. I have always struggled with getting my resume focused and emphasizing tangible accomplishments. Your examples were extremely helpful to me as I reorganized and rewrote my experience section, in particular. I still have fine-tuning to do, but am headed in the right direction based on your critique. Career Systems will definitely be who I recommend to other colleagues looking for help.

A.L., Training Specialist, Indiana

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