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"One last quick note to thank both yourself and Kim for doing an excellent job on my resume and cover letters...I sent out my resume this past Friday and I've already gotten 3 calls and 1 interview lined up. Even though it's "my past," it was your groups' expertise in putting it together on paper for me and I am grateful." -- K.G., Sales Director

Resume Relief!
"Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for the great job you did on my project. (Resume and Cover Letter.) I took one look at it and had to say "Wow, I'd even hire me now." Everyone I've shown it to said what a great job you (all) have done on it. I'll keep you all updated how things turn out. Again, Thank You Karen!" -- M.D., Manager

Client Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
"I would like to extend my gratitude for all the time and effort you and Karen spent on my resume. I told Karen that the resume looks incredible and different from my original draft. More power to you and your colleagues. Again, thank you..." -- R.R., Management Consultant, Pennsylvania

"I must take some time from a very busy career transition effort to thank you for the splendid work you did in editing, formatting, and adding an "executive polish" to my resume. Your precise and hard-hitting words have, within one week, caused an incredible interest in me from some very impressive companies." -- J.B., Information Technology Executive, Japan

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Advanced Career Systems is proud to help job seekers achieve success. Here are more client reviews...

I have accepted an offer with a company here in Atlanta. Your assistance in helping me create my winning resume was invaluable. During a recent interview, <name snip> (VP of Business Development) asked about my resume. I shared with her briefly about your organization. <Name snip> is interested in talking with you about your services and how you might can help <Company Name Snip> from a creative/technical writing perspective. Please write her an email at your convenience for a brief introduction. Best regards,

S.G., Senior Account Executive, Georgia

I wanted to let both of you know that I got a job at <snip> and will be starting March 10th. I know that your wonderful work producing my resume is what initially got me the chance to test for the position I have accepted and wanted to personally thank you very much. I hope all is well with both of you and again, Thanks so much!

Thanks to you I am beginning a new chapter in my life which I am thrilled about so sleep well knowing that you have made another person happy and it is so much appreciated! Take care. Sincerely,

B.S., Accounting Assistant, California

I received the resume package and everything looks great!

I have some more exciting news...I got a job already!! As soon as I received your completed resume draft I applied for a job on-line. It was one of the job postings that I had send over when you were working on my resume. The posting had been out for quite some time so I wasn't sure if they were still looking for someone. I attached my new resume and within 8 hours the HR recruiter from the company was calling me to set up an interview! I've applied for positions with this company in the past and was never contacted, so , I am sure it was my new resume that caught their eye! I had two interviews here at the local office and then a third phone interview. They called me the day after the phone interview and made me an outstanding offer. I start my new job on June 16th!

I would again like to thank you and Karen, for all your help. You both did an wonderful job!!! I'll will pass on your name to all my friends and family and let them know what an outstanding service Advanced Career Systems provides. My sincere thanks,

A.M., Medical Technician, New York

Karen - thanks very much for the professionalism and quality of your work! I am proud of my resume and can't wait to use it in the near future. Happy New Year and thanks again for all your outstanding assistance.

H.B., Managing Director, Texas

I can not thank you enough. You have given me hope and I believe a competitive edge. I truly enjoyed this process with you. You have given me valuable information above and beyond the call of duty. So once again.....THANK YOU!!

D.S., Executive Chef, Maryland

Hi Karen,

Overall, it is -- well -- WOW. I am so grateful for your help getting me onto paper! I am certain I will be adding additional services in my job search. Enjoy your day,

F.S., Operations Manager, Florida

Hi Karen,

Thank you for turning these items around so quickly. I don't have enough good things to say about the work that you have done for me. The cover letter and the resume are wonderful. I have no issues with either item. Kind Regards,

G.M., Network Analyst, Illinois

Hi, Ladies.....

First and foremost, thank you for all your support in getting my resume off the ground! I WON!!!!! I am a new board member for our school! I am still in shock......and I am honored and thrilled to be part of that team!

Thank you again for your encouragement through this process! Fondly,

M.K., Business Owner, CA

Karen this looks great -- it is amazing, I would even hire me!

A.D., Office Manager, New York

I have had time to read/study the resume you produced for me. Congratulations! Your writing is excellent. I love it.

C.M., Project Manager, New York

Dear Karen: Thank you for taking time to speak with me today. I was very, very impressed with your ability to extract info. without making it seem like an interview and I was equally impressed with your warmth and vitality. I look forward to receiving my forthcoming cutting edge resume!!!!!:):)

<after receiving resume>

Hello Karen! WOW!! That's the first time I have ever used that word to begin an email or letter. My resume is really different and I know that now I will get that all too important interview. Karen, thank you for your very hard work and thank you for getting the resume to me at the earliest possible date. I will get the resume back to you with the changes/additional info. as soon as possible. Sincerely,

Z.S., PR / Special Events Professional, Maryland

I can not believe what an incredible resume you have put together for me! If this doesn't get me a great second career, nothing will!

T.U., Sergeant, New York

I just wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for all your help in my career search. You both did a wonderful job in writing a very attractive resume. There wasn't one human resource director who didn't compliment me on the great detail and fluentness of my resume and I just wanted to thank you on a great job. Thanks for all your help.

P.S. I landed a job with one of my top choices.

T.H., Financial Consultant, New Jersey

Hi Karen:

Thanks for your support! I am very happy with both resumes! The latest interview in North Carolina was a position very similar to the position I held in Chicago. They said I was one of the top 3 candidates they were examining but I never get my hopes up and always strive for a detached attitude. We will see what happens.

Now a potential opportunity in Vermont has presented itself. Anyway, I will
let you know what happens and do not regret spending the bucks with ResumePower as it could easily pay off. Regards,

M.C., Chemist, Ontario, Canada

Wow Kim. Thank you. It looks great. I will look it over and let you know if I have any questions, but on first glance, it looks incredible. I just don't think I could ever do what you do. Brevity is not a skill that I have...

J.H., Technical Project Manager, Washington

Hi Kim and Karen,

How are you two doing? I wanted to send you a note to follow up. First, thank you soooo very much for making my resume and cover letter look absolutely fantastic. I could have never come close to making it look that professional.

Good news. After a few interviews, I was offered a position at my old company. Thank you so much and I miss both of you!!!

B.B., Customer Service Rep, Pennsylvania

I hope you're doing well. I believe I'm pretty close to finding a job. My resume has been a real success and is generally congratulate. I even had it reviewed by 2 different so called experts that found nothing to change. So thanks again for your excellent work and I'll let you know where I'm going pretty soon.

Anyway, I have a friend that is a marketing expert with a ton of impressive experiences. I did recommend you to him. I believe he will contact you, so please take special care of him. His name is <snip>. Take care and have a great day

P.R., International CEO, New Jersey

I think the resumes look great. I am very impressed with the job you did, and I could never have done this on my own. Thanks for helping me put my best foot forward. Sincerely,

R. P., Web Content Writer, California

I am really impressed with my first draft, please let Karen know this too. I have never looked so good on paper before. I like the appearance of the resume and the drafting of its content is wonderful.

C.B., Attorney, New York

First let me start by saying you guys are the best!!!! I love my resume and the cover letter is amazing!!! Once again thanks for all your help and all of Karen's hard work!!!

T.J., Pharmacist, New York

Wow! You did a great job on my resume!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I had another IT professional look it over and he was impressed with your work also. I am so pleased!! Thanks so much Kim!!!

J.T., Network Administrator, Pennsylvania

Hi Kim and Karen,

Hope all is going well. I have to update on my job search. I submitted my resume, that you did of course, and I have secured a new position as the <snip> Webmaster. I will be in charge of 29 <snip> websites. I start on Monday. I got a huge raise and it is something I am extremely interested in. I wanted to let you know and thank you once again for helping me with my resume. I don't know if I would have received an interview would it not have been for the way my resume looks. Thanks again and I'll let you know how it's going. ;-)

B.B., Webmaster, Pennsylvania

I would like to thank you and Karen for the great job you guys have done on my resume (I could not been more happier). Thanks.

C.K., Trader, New York


Yes, I did receive my package. Everything looks great! I have posted it on monster and have had 3 replies already. Thank you for your help and for a job well done. I will keep you posted.

E.F., Warehouse Manager, Illinois

Wow - thx Kim. You guys never fail me on your attention to detail! Thanks again.

P.S. Although my circle is small, I recommend your company whenever I can. This is only one of the reasons why.

J.A., GIS Technician, Maryland

Thanks as usual for your advice and support. Now could you go and interview for me?

L.C., Campaign Director, Virginia

Karen and Jodie,

Thanks for all your hard work and really looks great...and all the associates I have shown it to are very impressed (2 co-workers, 1 VP and 1 English teacher...LOL).

R.C., IT Manager, Illinois


Thanks for the follow up. I am VERY pleased with my final versions and would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my peers. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

J.B., Director of Sales, Pennsylvania

My resume looks wonderful! You did a great job on the additions/deletions! Thanks for all the time you've spent on it. I greatly appreciate it. I will keep in contact with you to update my resume as my career changes. Thanks again....It looks wonderful! I am faxing the authorization to print to you this morning.

C.K., Training Consultant, Iowa

<from a hiring manager to a senior director in North Carolina>

A quick addendum to my previous message...after viewing hundreds of applications for the business development position with <XYZ Company>, I wanted to pass along a compliment regarding the style, layout and content of your resume. Of the many I saw, it definitely stood out and clearly portrayed your experience.

Hi Jodie, I just wanted to let you know that I have been offered three jobs. I don't believe I would have been interviewed by two of the companies if I did not use your services. I took a job with <XYZ DotCom Company> check us out on the web. Thanks for your help and best wishes in the future.

GM, Sales Rep Transitioning to a Dot Com Company, Maryland

Karen, I want to compliment you on your work. The resume looks outstanding.

H.P., CIO, Florida

We just returned from vacation and I received the draft today. Wow, it looks
great! Quite a switch from my own efforts!

K.A., HR Manager, Ohio

<note from a recruiter to a client>

The woman who did your resume did a fabulous job. As a recruiter, she highlighted some of the most important aspects of a person's skills in one glance. You do not need to work with a staffing firm. She is your recruiter. Work with her directly because she will help you land whatever you are looking for. Get me her name because I have about 3 VP's who could use her services desperately. They are cautious so they might not get in touch with her right away, but I know this gal can write some very marketable resumes.

The final resume looks great. I am not sure if I mentioned it to you but the resume you prepared for me last year got me 3 job offers in the space of 8 weeks so I am pretty confident in my ability to pick up a new job quickly in the event I need to.

D.S., Software QA Engineer, Massachusetts

Hi Karen,

I must say, I am impressed. I never thought I could look this good on paper.

S.W., Advertising Assistant, Illinois

Looks beautiful! I've enjoyed working with you and Karen. My sincere thanks. Will let you know how it sorts out. So far, I'm on a very short list for 2 opportunities.
Enjoy the holiday.

I.L., Executive Recruiter, New York

The cover letter looks great. I might have you construct a thank you letter for me in the near future! You did a fantastic job with my resume and cover letter. Thanks once again,

J.K., Equity Trader, Connecticut

You may not remember me, but my name is <snip> and you did some work on my resume earlier this year. I was really impressed and I got the job I was seeking.

D.S., Senior Consultant (Big 6 firm), Washington, DC

After having the opportunity to review the resume and cover letter you prepared for me, I would like to take the time to thank you. At a time in my life when my personal and professional plates are past full, the service you provide through your business is so greatly appreciated. My resume and cover letter look great.

RR, Director of Sales and Marketing, Maine

I think you did an outstanding job! I'm not sure if I will leave my current position yet, so I might be back to update my resume in the first quarter of year 2000. Again, your work is outstanding, professional, and concise. I will definitely recommend your services to anybody entering the job market!

(Initials withheld upon request), Investment Professional, New Jersey

I just recently got a job offer in Phoenix, AZ as a consultant. They said I can start as soon as I finish school. They are also going to pay me about 70% more money than I had expected. Thank you so much for your excellent work on my resume. Think of yourself as a great start to the rest of my life.

By the way, I wish that all business was conducted in such a personalized yet professional manner.

S.S., Systems Analyst/Programmer, Illinois

Once again many thanks for an outstanding job on my resume and capturing so well my career.

R.G., Executive, Oregon

Well, it looks wonderful. It's so good to see it, you girls work miracles! I look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks.

M.M., Child Life Professional, Florida

You folks have done a very professional job. I won't hesitate to recommend your company to my friends for their needs in future. Thank you much! I believe these documents will bring me some good opportunities and luck.

W.K., Vice President of Engineering, Georgia

I've been swamped trying to put a deal together to sell <ABC Company>, so I've only been able to get my resume out to a few individuals at this point. However, I wanted to share these comments from an inside contact I have at Intel: "I see a lot of resumes and I have never seen anything like this. Bravo. Not a bad career. It will be a lot of fun to shop this around. Perhaps you should start the bidding on eBay!" You probably get a lot of great feedback like this, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

W.A., Senior E-Commerce Executive, Oregon

I just read it. I'd even hire me. Actually I sound so good on paper I'm asking myself if I can live up to it. Nice work - I'll get back to you.

C.J., LAN Engineer, California

Hi Jodie,

I have not forgotten you; in fact, I am about to commence a new job. As soon as I get established there, I will ask you to update my resume-seeing as you did such a great job last time.

M.D., General Manager, California

Hi Jodie,

Long time since we've talked. I landed a great Product Management job with <comany name snipped> in August. I used my resume from ResumePower (with some additions to fill in the time gap) and it worked very well. Based on my resume I was selected as one of two finalists for interviews (out of more than 100 applicants), and I landed the job! I'm convinced that a great resume makes a huge difference in a difficult job market. Thank you, and do keep in touch.

M.H., Product Manager, Utah

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your note and kind words. I must admit that I have reviewed about 7 or so agencies and have found that your staff is the most talented. The resumes you generate stand out and are inviting to read, unlike the others. I trust you will do the same with mine.

C.M., Senior VP, New York

Dear Karen: Greetings. Excellent work. Thank you for everything...If that is OK with you, I wish to continue briefing you with the pursuit of my job. Best regards, and my gratitude to an excellent job.

A.A., Library Director, Virginia

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